Auto Suzuki

Sales of German automobiles and new automobiles as well as direct import of parts from Germany

Worked as a mechanic at a maintenance facility for a domestic Japanese auto dealer, and moved to Germany in 2010.

Received language training in Bonn for 1 month, then transferred to Stuttgart.

Changed jobs between VW, AUDI and local workshops. From 2012, worked under Friedhelm Dunkel, who has more than 30 years of experience maintaining Porsches. Learned Porsche maintenance from the ground up.

From 2013, became independent and conducted maintenance and sales mainly for Japanese clients and exported parts and automobiles to Japan. Ever after he became independent he learned about German automobiles under Dunkel or at his friend's maintenance facility.

After returning to Japan in 2016, started a maintenance facility specializing in German and other European automobiles in home prefecture of Miyagi.

Making use of the experiences I gained living in Germany, I import parts and automobiles from Germany with vendors and partners in both German and Japan.

I also export Japanese automobiles, German automobiles, parts and motorcycles from Japan to Germany.

I am capable of exporting Japanese automobiles and Japanese automobile parts anywhere in the world.

I am looking forward to helping parts manufacturers that deal with Japanese automobiles, maintenance facilities or someone who are worried about language. Service is available in English, German and Japanese.

Having transferred my base of operations to Japan, I also conduct maintenance and sales and provide insurance services for clients in and around Stuttgart.

I travel to Stuttgart, Germany, once a year for mechanic training and business.

I am devoted every day to becoming the leading authority on German automobiles as a bridge between Japan and Germany!!

I accept requests from overseas as well.